We are a business generator on and offline that seeks to highlight the quality and exclusivity of Ecuadorian handicrafts to the world. We are looking to make contacts and to close businesses offering always innovation along with the needs of our customers. We also want to be a bridge so that other businesses or related products can leverage our know-how and competitive advantages. All this within a personalized concept wholesale and retail.

To be recognized by our clients as a company that generates global commercial exchanges, respecting cultural, environmental and ecological aspects. Establishing in all negotiation Christian principles and values ​​that allow us to sustain long-term business relationships and mutual benefit.

EcoExport is an export company formed by two brothers, Arturo and Fernando Haro Carrillo, both with an entrepreneurial spirit and business and professional experience for more than 20 years.

The creation of EcoExport is the result of a family initiative to seek to resume business paths and a vision and opportunity to expand the knowledge and use of Ecuadorian products worldwide.

Taking advantage of the diversity and quality of raw materials and the infinite varieties of products that can be created, we desire to become that option that allows us to innovate together with our customers, developing products according to their tastes and preferences in a personalized way.


That the long term is criteria of important value in the decision making in every aspect. That the decisions are in favor of generating value for the growth of our business and its extension over time.


Putting God and his word as the source of truth as the center of our business, establishing a culture of love, honor and honor with our business environment.


That our business vision is not affected by making decisions that are commercially approved but morally incorrect.

Environmental and Ecological

We are committed to making commercial, financial and operational decisions that do not affect the ecosystem and the environment and promote the mitigation of climate change.

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