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Caring for your straw hat (Panama Hat), will allow you to enjoy it for many years. The best way to grab your hat is not by the cup but by the sides or wings. The hat is an article of high quality and extreme care because of the refine manufacture and materials.

Some additional recommendations:

Clean it often with a flannel and soap

Do not leave it exposed to sunlight when it is not being used

Do not use it in the rain and do not allow it to get wet regularly

If you notice that it is dry, you can sprinkle some water on the top of the hat

Keep your hat in a damp and cool place to prolong its durability

If it is folded in a non-required way, it can be ironed but using a canvas or fine flannel between the iron and the hat to give the proper shape to it.


Do not store more than two days in the raft box, once the hat has been used.

Remember that the Ecoexport Hat is a product 100% handmade and considered luxury.


You can choose one of the two or make a mix of both.

It should be noted that the principal factor when determining the quality of a hat is the fineness of the fabric. In the first instance this can be appreciated only by seeing it up close. The thinner the fabric, the more time they take to make it, and therefore, they are more expensive.

The quality of the hat is measured by “grades”. The degree is the number of threads per square inch or the number of threads per centimeter. The Fine export hat is 4 or 6 degrees. Every grade from 8 to 20 is considered Fine, the Extra Fine grade is 20 to 30 and the Supreme grade have 30 and above.

These last ones can take up to six arduous months of elaboration, and due to their incomparable quality, they can be sold by more than a thousand dollars.

In addition, we remind you that the Sombrero Montecristi was declared by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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The standard average of time in the shipment is of 5 to 10 business days,

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